Alaska does not have a state False Claims Act. However, those who witness fraud, waste or abuse affecting either the state or federal government can file a whistleblower lawsuit under the qui tam provisions of the federal False Claims Act. Whistleblower provisions in the False Claims Act also protect relators from workplace retaliation resulting from their report. Contact us to learn more about your rights as a whistleblower.

Alabama Whistleblower and Qui Tam News

  • Oil industry whistleblower Hamel, subject of industry spy campaign, dead at 84
    April 24, 2015 – Hamel, a former aide to Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel in the 1970s, became a conduit for industry workers and contractors who saw rule-breaking and environmental contamination on the North Slope and Valdez but would not complain to supervisors for fear of retaliation. Hamel would present the complaints to state and federal regulators or tip off his many media contacts, often without revealing his sources, friends said.
  • The Price of Whistleblowing
    OCTOBER 30, 2014 – An eye-opening Alaska National Guard Op-Ed by Linda Dunegan, Lt. Col., AKANG, MSC, PhD, Ret. – I did not set out to become a “whistleblower” within the Alaska Air National Guard. Instead, by simply doing my job on a daily basis, I became the recipient of the ire of my military superiors for pointing out wrongdoing.