Illinois does have a state False Claims Act. Whistleblowers may file claims of fraud, waste or abuse affecting state government. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services rates Illinois’s FCA at least as strong as the federal FCA when it comes to Medicaid Fraud claims. If you have a whistleblower claim, please contact us so that a lawyer may advise you about your whistleblower rights under the state FCA as well as qui tam provisions of the federal False Claims Act.

To see the Illinois False Claims Act statute, click here.

Illinois Whistleblower and Qui Tam News

  • Duckworth whistle-blower trial date set
    June 15, 2015 – A trial date has been set in a whistle-blower lawsuit involving U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth. In a case dating to her tenure as a member of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s administration, the Democrat from Hoffman Estates is alleged to have retaliated against two employees of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Whistleblower Becomes Alleged Victim Of Retaliatory Firing At Nippon Sharyo Plant (VIDEO)
    June 11th, 2015 – Passenger railcar manufacturer Nippon Sharyo has once again garnered the attention of activists and workers’ rights advocates, this time for an alleged retaliatory firing. A former Nippon Sharyo worker says she was let go last week after speaking out about alleged unsafe working conditions and unfair treatment at the company’s plant in Rochelle, Illinois.
  • Truck Driver Gets $33,000 In Whistleblower Retaliation Settlement
    April 15, 2015 – An Illinois truck driver who was fired the morning after he filed a whistleblower complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) alleging unsafe working conditions will receive $33,000 as part of settlement agreement with his employers. According to OSHA, on July 26, 2011, the driver had hauled a load of leachate waste water from the Perry Ridge Landfill Inc. to the City of Du Quoin, Illinois’ water treatment facility when he slipped atop the trailer as he was transferring the fluids.
  • Chicago State University Loses Appeal In Landmark Whistleblower Case
    September 3, 2014 – CHICAGO, Ill.—A Cook County Circuit Court judge raised the total payment a former Chicago State University employee will receive after winning his whistleblower lawsuit against the state school last month to $3 million. Plaintiff James Crowley served as the university’s former senior legal counsel when he was fired in Feb. 2010 in retaliation, he alleged, for refusing to withhold documents about school president Wayne Watson’s former employment that a faculty member had asked him for under the state public records law. Mr. Crowley also alleged he was fired for reporting questionable contracts and other misconduct in the university’s upper ranks.
  • Railroad Companies Ordered To Compensate Workers Fired For Reporting Injuries, Work Dangers
    August 11, 2012 – CHICAGO, ILL–Two railroad companies must pay three workers a total of nearly $651,000 in back wages and damages after terminating them in retaliation for simply reporting workplace injuries and safety concerns, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported. According to OHSA, one employee of Central Illinois Railroad, a conductor, was injured in August 2008 when a knuckle that connects railroad cars allegedly broke, causing the railcars to suddenly jolt as they were being switched. The jarring motion caused the conductor to fall, knocking him unconscious and giving him multiple injuries to his shoulder, back, and head.