Iowa does have a state False Claims Act. Whistleblowers may file claims of fraud, waste or abuse affecting state government. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services rates Iowa’s FCA at least as strong as the federal FCA when it comes to Medicaid Fraud claims. If you have a whistleblower claim, please contact us so that a lawyer may advise you about your whistleblower rights under the state FCA as well as qui tam provisions of the federal False Claims Act.

To see the Iowa False Claims Act statute, click here.

Iowa Whistleblower and Qui Tam News

  • Whistleblower claim by ex-Iowa gasoline regulator to proceed
    June 15, 2015 – A judge is refusing to dismiss a lawsuit filed by an Iowa regulator who claims he was fired in retaliation for investigating a gas station’s misleading marketing practices. District Judge Robert Hanson says Michael Manahl’s claims of whistleblower retaliation can proceed, rejecting the state’s motion to dismiss. He dismissed other claims, including an allegation that Manahl’s firing violated a law that gives hiring preferences to veterans.
  • Iowa officials ask court to reject added whistleblower protection for state police officers
    June 02, 2015 – IOWA CITY, Iowa — State officials are asking the Iowa Supreme Court to reject a new job protection designed to prohibit state police officers from facing politically-motivated firings for doing their jobs. An assistant attorney general told justices in a recent brief that the extra safeguard for Department of Public Safety officers who blow the whistle on criminal conduct isn’t necessary. She says they already enjoy job protections and firings based on political retaliation would never stand.
  • Allegations Of Child Abuse, Retaliation In Iowa Teacher’s Whistleblower Case
    May 25, 2015 – An Iowa special education associate who claims work conditions became hostile and intolerable after she reported the physical and psychological abuse of disabled students by fellow associates is seeking monetary damages in court, the Des Moines Register reports. Trial started Tuesday for Rhonda Thramer, a Des Moines-area special needs educator who filed a whistleblower lawsuit alleging she was harassed and ultimately forced to quit her job after she reported child abuse committed by a colleague to Akeny, Iowa, school leaders.
  • Iowa Home Health Care Company Pays $5.63 Million To Resolve False Claims Act Allegations
    February 15, 2015 – An Iowa home healthcare company has agreed to pay the U.S. and the state of Iowa $5.63 million to settle False Claims Act allegations that it submitted false claims for home health care to Medicare and Medicaid. The U.S. Justice Department alleged that ResCare Iowa, a subsidiary of Louisville, Ky., based ResCare Inc., violated Medicare and Medicaid rules mandating that an independent physician certify the need for a patient’s home health care services. The physician must also determine the type and amount of home health care services the patient needs.